We propose the following educational and behavioural inputs:

Behavioural assessments at the start of the biomedical intervention and every 6 months throughout the intervention

As part of our biomedical treatment plan, we would ideally like to evaluate more rigorously the outcome of the intervention proposed. If you are interested, we would provide a range of behavioural assessments during the second consultation (2-3hr) alongside explanations of the child’s biomedical test results and proposed treatment (consultation and report). These would be repeated on a 6-12 month basis.

The assessments can include ADOS (Autism Diagnosis Observation Schedule), SCQ (Social Communication Questionnaire), PDD-Problem Behaviour Inventry, Vineland and ATEC. We can also perform some assessment of the child’s working memory and academic skills if required.

During this consultation, we will also be exploring your child’s relative strengths and weaknesses in terms of behaviour, verbal and non-verbal communication, imitation, exploratory, play and fine and gross motor skills.

Behavioural Support

ATT can provide ongoing behavioural support and advice independently of a biomedical consultation. Currently we assist families throughout most of the UK. Other families might be assisted by other therapists or charities not working with ATT but who are also known to us for providing good ABA services.

School based behavioural assessments

ATT can provide a school-based evaluation to help parents and teachers to better understand how the individual’s ASD affects their functioning within their classroom on a day-to-day basis.  It will be based on observation of the child in the classroom, and discussion with school teacher and staff. Liaising with a home-intervention programme when relevant will apply.

Independent advice on progress towards and/or appropriateness of IEP (Individual Evaluation Plan) targets can be made.


Home based teaching programme assessments are charged for free, depending on the consultant involved and are expected to last 1-3 hours, depending on the needs.  This includes written feedback and ongoing support between visits.

School based teaching assessments are also charged at the same cost and can last 1 hour to a full day depending on the individual’s requirements.

Where applicable (school and home visits) parents are also required to pay the basic travel and accommodation costs.