Dear Parents,

We opened our clinic in Edinburgh in April 2006 and have since had the opportunity to meet over 400 children with autism and their family. Most of them are now on individualised treatment programmes. You can read some of the testimony reports here and outcomes of the interventions here.

At ATT we offer both biomedical interventions and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for the treatment of autism.

For parents interested in biomedical interventions, who are distant from Edinburgh, we offer a telephone first consultation with Dr Lorene Amet (1 hour approximately). You can, of course, visit the clinic if you wish, however an initial phone consultation is suitable to cover to get to know your child, his or her development, history, and presentation and exploring the possible avenues you may have, with regard to diet, behavioural and communication needs, testing and funding possibilities etc. For parents living close to Edinburgh, we would prefer to meet face to face, ideally with your child.

You will receive full information on the logistics of having the tests carried out and you will be supplied with test kits and guidance. The costs will be explained to you in detail. Many families have accessed full funding for our programme of testing and treatment via a charitable trust with whom we are associated. More information on funding available here. Further, most parents have been able to have some of the tests carried out by their local GP and NHS trust, thereby reducing the overall expenditure.

After the tests are completed and Dr Amet has studied the results you can then visit the ATT clinic for a second consultation (2 hours) with your child. For parents interested in ABA a first consultation can be conducted at your convenience at home with one of our ABA consultants. Please call the clinic to discuss your requirements of this service and further information can be found on our web site.If you would like to arrange an appointment or talk about how our consultations and testing are conducted, please contact the clinic. Please complete online a Parental Questionnaire that will be reviewed prior to the consultation.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Autism Treatment Trust