“My daughter, Charlotte, was aged 2 1/2 when she was first diagnosed as having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. After on going problems with constipation we removed casein and gluten from her diet when she was aged 3 1/2 which greatly helped her bowel issues. At this point I started looking into biomedical interventions for autism and was lucky enough to attend the ATT conference in Edinburgh, November 2005. From there I was able to make contact with Lorene and the team at ATT and through them was able to arrange the necessary testing to see what underlying issues Charlotte may have. The results were as seen in lots of these kids; gut dysbiosis, inflammation, yeast overgrowth, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and overload of heavy metals. Over the last year we have removed refined sugar from Charlotte’s diet, supplemented her with the recommended vitamins and minerals, used natural anti-fungal to try and combat the yeast and introduced digestive enzymes with each meal.

Each step has been taken slowly and cautiously and to date we have not undertaken any invasive testing or treatment. However, even with these most basic of treatments we have used, the improvement in my daughter socially, physically and emotionally has been enormous. She is now a happy and active participant at Nursery and no longer the silent spectator she previously was. Our journey to heal Charlotte continues and we are optimistic for further improvements. For the moment though we are enjoying watching our daughter enjoy life!”.