“In the emotional fear and bewilderment that follows diagnosis and after intensive research we took the decision to embark on the ABA method of early intervention; it was the only option that simply made sense to us. Now nearly 2 years on from that point and under the guidance of Annie MacDonald, our Case Manager, we feel justified in our decision to open up our home to a team of Tutors 6 days a week, to undertake to finance, run and participate in such an intensive programme and watch our son, often in the hands of others work harder than any little boy really should. Our 3year old son was virtually non-verbal, often busy in a world of his own and in many ways an enigma to us. We now enjoy conversations and can easily share experiences with him, simple but important things that we once felt beyond us. He remains supported in Mainstream Education, moving from Nursery to Reception alongside his peers and now friends, participating in all areas of school life. We also have obtained funding from our LEA to facilitate this programme and following Harrison’s obvious success the funding remained in place as we commenced our second year.

Eighteen months into the ABA we embarked with Dr Amet on another journey commencing a Biomedical Intervention Plan and what the ABA achieved for Harrison this has accelerated. From that confusing beginning we now see a very bright future, enjoy a fun filled present and eagerly watch our son, his personality and his skills unfold and grow. Our Tutors have become valued friends who offer support and care to all members of our family and who each bring very individual strengths to our team. Harrison remains the same clever, cheeky loving little boy he always was but at the same time is fundamentally different in almost every way.”