‘From the day my son was born he had health problems. He caught every illness going and took twice as long to get over them than any other kid, he had constant and recurrent fevers, he never had a normal bowel movement; alternating between diarrhoea and constipation, and he never slept through the night. He would have terrible screaming fits every night that sounded like cries of pain. Of course, like any mother I took all my concerns to the doctors several times but was always fobbed off with the explanation that ‘it was normal’. When I started my son on solid food at six months he projectile vomited everything out. This went on for weeks. I took myself off to the doctors only to be told, yet again, that this was ‘normal’ for some babies. I was really beginning to hate that word! I started to notice other issues with my son and decided to take matters into my own hands, since none of the professionals seemed to think there was cause for concern I figured it was up to me. I soon realised that my son had autism but I didn’t feel despair at this realisation when I kept researching. I read so much information and several books about biomedical interventions and I was overjoyed. The things I read these parents and professionals say described my son’s problems exactly. When I finally managed to get in to see a specialist I was so excited to tell her all that I had learnt and see what she would start implementing to help my son. To my absolute disbelief she had no interest in listening to any of what I had learnt and refused to even consider implementing any biomedical treatments. Once again I realised it was going to be up to me. I immediately started researching on-line again for doctors specialising in biomedical treatments and that is when I found Dr. Lorene Amet and the Autism Treatment Trust. With ATT all my concerns and suggestions were taken into consideration and I was instructed on how to start making some small changes in my son’s life. The first thing we did was switch him onto a Gluten-free Casein-free diet. Within one week the difference in my son was amazing. He was no longer waking up at night screaming, he was calmer and much more present. We next started him on B12 shots, which is a night I will never forget. Up until this point my son had never shown me any affection but within 20 minutes of his first shot he was hugging me and holding my face and smiling at me. I couldn’t wait to do more! After several tests and a consultation at the clinic a full treatment plan was put together. Over the past seven months as we have been implementing the treatments my son has become a new child. The difference in him is nothing short of a miracle. His autistic tendencies have decreased, his self injurious behaviour has almost vanished, he sleeps through the night, his belly is no longer constantly bloated and swollen, he has eye contact now and is a very loving and affectionate little boy. Before coming to ATT my son had unexplained rashes and spots on his body, he constantly had red cheeks and would grind his teeth incessantly, he would look at everything out of the corner of his eye instead of looking right at you or an object, he would spin and flap and obsessively play with one item inappropriately for hours at a time; all these things are gone now. Now my son is comfortable enough and healthy enough to be able to learn and we have recently started him on an ABA programme. He is doing very well with his therapy and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. We still have a long way to go but thanks to the wonderful people at the Autism Treatment Trust we now have hope that the future will be bright. I give thanks every day for the work that they are doing and for helping my son to feel well for the first time in his life.’