Workshops and seminars

ATT is planning to run monthly workshops and seminars covering a range of topics. We are aiming to propose a varied palette of information, some of which will be very practical in nature with direct applications to your child with autism. Others will be covering more academic topics. Parents, students, tutors and professionals, please contact ATT for an update on programme.

Our next event is entitled “Modern Applied Behaviour Analysis for individuals with autism”.

Presented by Risca Solomon BCBA, Dr Lyndsey Herdman and Kerry Farrell, BCBA. Edinburgh 7th of September 2011.

‘Modern ABA’ and how it is now more child friendly, focuses on reinforcement and not punishment etc. We would like to hold this conference because there are still so many people who hold negative views of ABA, presenting ABA as a regimented form of teaching, rote skills and with a focus on punishment. The field has moved on greatly and offers many potential support.

1. Presentation on research – Why should ABA be looked at as an intervention for autism, what research supports this?

2. Motivation & reinforcement: Cornerstones of modern ABA.

3.  Proactive behavioural strategies – accepting no programs, teaching children to wait etc – Kerry Farrell, BCBA, has a wealth of experience with behaviours as she works in a residential setting for teenagers and adults with challenging behaviours.

4. Multi-disciplinary Working – Highlighting how effective combining some speech and language therapy interventions and ABA can be, how combining ABA with some occupational therapy programs makes the programs more effective etc.

5. Appointments – how hair cutting, dentist check-ups and treatment, doctors appointments, x-rays, blood tests etc can be prepared for and the child taught to cooperate willingly.

6. Application of ABA within different settings, home, school, etc.