ATT helps individuals with autism and their family by assisting them to access the medical and educational provisions they need and deserve. With regard to the biomedical input, we use state of the art biomedical testing, covering the areas of immune, digestive, nutritional and metabolic functions, also looking for possible toxic and oxidative stress issues. Our findings are flagged to the child’s GP, seeking when possible the involvement of the NHS in the intervention and assessment process. Findings are presented to parents drawing their attention to relevant publications to explain the possible linkage between these abnormalities and the child’s behaviour.

Because the child’s educational, social and emotional environments also play a part in his/her ability to function and flourish, we also assist individuals with access to the best possible expertise and support on a day-to-day basis, in their home and school environments. We visit children and adults in their school, home and hospital placements, providing independent recommendations on how best to assist with their autism and needs.

We view individuals as a whole and we have also added a range of add on services that include assisting in their expression, visual, musical and through creative writing. We are constantly evolving and eager to assist parents to obtain easier access to services and information they need.

Our charity works in partnership with Caudwell Children who assist with funding families with both ATT Educational and Biomedical inputs. We are also part of the coalition for Scotland Disabled Children (fSDC) set up to secure rights and justice for disabled children and young people. We receive additional funding from individual benefactors and a range of organisations and trusts.

ATT provides an independent and reliable opinion that complements a medical and educational system that is at the moment not sufficiently well equipped to deal with today’s autism. Please visit our site for further information on what we do. You might also wish to consult our series of FAQs to get more information on specific questions you might have.