The best gluten-free casein-free bread ever is made at home!…using a bread maker!

The best GFCF bread ever is made at home!


Water 410ml (14oz), Eggs (160g, or 0.352lb, that is 3-4 eggs depending on the size), oil (olive or grape seed oil) 45ml (3 table spoons), Cider Vinegar 5ml (1 tea spoon), White rice flour 330g (0.7lb), tapioca flour 85g (0.2lb), potato flour 85g (0.2lb), Xanthan gum 2 tsp, salt 1 tea spoon (I used 1.3 tsp), sugar 25 g (0.1lb), yeast 1 ½ tsp. In the video I used 400g of the mix of fours and 100 g of buckwheat. Ingredients are added in that order and that’s all.

For the lunch, I did a sort of Banadora (Lebanese dish, shared across most cultures), onions, vine tomatoes, garlic, salt pepper, eggs, all mixed together. Put on sliced bread with a salad.

Dr. Dooa’s GF/CF bread (Cairo/ Egypt)


1.5 cups of flour (bread flour-GF) (12 OZ), 0.5 cup corn starch(4OZ), 1.5 table spoon Xanthun gum, 1.5 table spoon coffee mate powder (GFCF), Dried yeast (small packet of 12gms) + a table spoon sugar + 0.5 cup of warm water, 0.5 of an egg (or you may also not include this), 1 cup of warm water, Pinch of salt.


1.  Mix sugar and yeast in a cup and add the 0.5 cup of the warm water.

2.  Cover it and leave it to rise for 10 min (you may place this is a warm oven around 37oC.

3.  Mix the flour, corn starch, xanthun gum, coffee mate and little salt all together ( no water yet).

4.  When the yeast is ready, add another 0.5 cup of warm water (which makes in total a full cup of water with the yeast).

5.  You may add half an egg to the water ( if you want- this may make the bread a little hard).

6.  Add gradually to the flour mix.

7.  Mix with your hands to get a bread dough. Knead the dough for a while (that will make the dough more elastic afterwards).

8.  Now leave the dough COVERED in a warm place (eg. in warmed oven below 50 degree C).

9.  Leave it for 2 hrs or more (you can leave it over night if you want).

10.  Heat the oven to 250 degree C.

11.  Put cup cakes on the tray and put balls of the dough in each as seen below. You can use some oil in the cups before putting the dough. Leave it 10 more minutes before baking.

12.  Put the tray in the very hot oven for 10 to 12 minutes until the surface get some color.

13.  You can alternatively pat one of these pieces flat. About 0.5 cm thick or less. This will make like a pita bread (see below) rather than a raised ball of bread. This can be baked in the hot oven for just 3 minutes or so. Do not forget to let the dough stand for about 5 min before baking.

Bon Appetit JJ
Dr. Doaa (Cairo)