ATT Donors


We would like to take the time to thank our donors from this past year! We cannot thank the following individuals enough for their generous support of our clinic. Each donation greatly helps in enabling our team to have a huge impact in our children with ASD and their families

Our work is only possible through the support of all our donors and fundraisers – thank you.

We would like to specially thank Caudwell Children for their invaluable and constant support to our charity.

Mr. Kevan McDonald & Family. This ongoing donation and generous support makes our work possible.

Garfield Weston Foundation. A most generous donation that will make a huge impact in the training of health professionals by the Autism Treatment Trust

The Brian Souter Foundation. This contribution will help low income Scottish families with funds for assessments and diagnosis.

Awards for All. This contribution will provide a few children with the opportunity to learn new educational and communication skills in the clinic and at home.

The Royal Bank of Scotland Manufacturing Technology Services Edinburgh Charities Committee. Donation proposed by Mr. Emlyn Williams will go towards the ongoing work of the charity

George Herriot School in Edinburgh. A most welcomed donation by a dedicated group of pupils concerned about autism in Scotland

Agilent Technologies UK Ltd. This generous contribution goes to the improving of services by the charity.

Edinburgh Students Charities Appeal – Meadows Marathon. We thank to all the participants for their support and donation.

Mr. Michael Whitworth & Family. This dedicated donation helps us to continue with our work.

Mrs. Alison Ritchie and Mr. Malcolm Comerford funds donated by a sponsored walk up the Pentland Hills. We thank to all the participants.

Mr. & Mrs. Bailey. Thank you so much for your donation and generous encouragement.

Mr. & Mrs. Tollin & Family. We are grateful for their ongoing support and dedication to ATT.

We would like to thank all the families with the Autism Treatment Trust for their wonderful testimonials and generous support.

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