ATT ABA Volunteer/Tutor training

ATT Volunteer Training

Tutors working with ATT families welcomed to attend- Free


Monday 7th of November 7:30-9pm

Risca Solomon: “Manding”- What it is, why it is important and how to increase it?

Monday 12th Dec 6:30-8pm

Lorene Amet FastforWord – computer-delivered exercises that build the cognitive skills required to read and learn effectively. Focus on memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing. Lorene to update following training received in London earlier in the month.

Monday 19th Dec 6:30pm

Xmas Party! Social gathering! Other half/ partner welcomed!

Monday 16th Jan 6:30-8pm

Sinead Ni Fhloinn- Speed of delivery trial- fluency- mixed trials, motivation, variable schedule of reinforcement.

Monday 20th Feb 6:30-8pm

Dr. Lorene Amet: Rethinking Autism: Presentations, Aetiologies & Interventions- Background on autism.

Monday 19th Mar 6:30-8pm

Sinead Ni Fhloinn- subject to be decided by the group.

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